About the Law Office of Eugene J. Radcliff

The Law Office of Eugene J. Radcliff is a contemporary law practice employing modern innovations in technology and communication to attain the highest levels of satisfactory results for our clients with a vigilant eye towards maintaining the most cost effective benchmarks.

Why us?

Openness. Relationship. Results.

These are the principles upon which this firm was built. Openness provides for forging satisfying relationships. Relationships provide for results which rest in the capable hands of extraordinarily well qualified lawyers. Unlike so many other facets of real life, with genuine carefully crafted relationships, results are not simply left to chance. We look for something a bit more.

Here is what we promise:

Never content to merely “sign-up” a client, we endeavor to learn who you are, what you think and how you view the business landscape, generally. This gives us some insight as to what outcomes our clients desire, along with those which may provide some collateral benefit or which may even be of some prospective usefulness to them. We are not in the business of giving run-of-the-mill, random legal advice. You can Google that. Instead, our professionals need to know how our advice will affect you and add to your growth. We are smart enough to know that when you achieve, we achieve.

With a deep background in the legal field, which also includes administrative law, legislative work, legal education and, indeed, training other lawyers, we bring to the table a vast array of experience, knowledge and skills, along with good old fashioned “know-how” to aid in resolving our client’s concerns. For instance, in Louisiana, the newest most rapid growth sector in business is the entertainment industry. By all accounts, the reason for such growth is the popularity of the tax credits which are involved with movie and music (and other arts) produced within in the State. On this point, our attorneys do not merely understand the nuances and details of those laws. They were actually amongst a very small and very select group of individuals who drafted them, principally the Louisiana Movie and Music Tax Credit Acts. So, when we say that we get involved in our clients’ needs – we REALLY get involved.

As shown above, we do a bit more than just file papers. The way the work is done is of fundamental importance to us, as is our clients’ satisfaction with our service and, from a realistic standpoint, how the work is paid for. As with all other aspects of the firm, fee arrangements are all about relationships. For most clients, a straightforward hourly fee schedule will do just fine.   But, occasionally there are situations which require inventive approaches to billing that involve creativity and flexibility. Always driven by our central premise, that your success is our success, beginning a relationship which includes an agreeable fee arrangement, one that is comfortable for both of us, is but another measure of our commitment to serving you long beyond any immediate need. We are here for as long as you need us.

So, there you have it. We work to earn your trust. We firmly and unabashedly stand behind our efforts. We strive to deliver exemplary results. When you think about it, it’s just about one thing really.

We seriously believe in relationships.